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What We Do

IntroWizard specializes in Flash web design software. Our first product we ever made was Flash4D, a Flash intro builder and have developed many other software products from Flash website builders to Flash logo builders since the release of our first software program.

Worldwide we serve easy web design software to customers in over 35 world countries from USA to Australia with Canada, many European nations, and even Japan included.

Since the creation of our flagship software, Flash4D, back in 2003, we've had over 500,000 downloads of all of our demo web design software products. We're quite amazed at the response to our software from customers like Peter W. who says:

" I have installed a full copy of all the software you sell as far as I know,
all work great, saves time too, all my web pages have had a makeover, let me
know of any further upgrades or new programs , thanks a lot.
Peter W.
IntroWizard Customer
IntroWizard has been designing in Flash since before 2003 with the creation of massive user sites like which to date has over 10,000 guestbook users registered on the site and thousands of other users registered for our other Flash services we offer on

Overall, IntroWizard's team has been working hard to develop successful Flash projects throughout the Internet. We hope you enjoy the software we have created and look forward to serving you this year!

Prestigious Awards and Recognition

In July of 2003, IntroWizard's initial founding members were invited to be a showcase company at FlashForward 2003 conference in New York City.

FYI: That raffle sign was actually for a version of our Flash website builder FlashWebKit before it was released to the public.

One of the greatest awards we've won is the prestigious TuCows 5 cow award for our CreationWeb HTML Website Builder software in 2005.

Trust us when we say that was a joyful moment in time for the web design and software team!

Since 2003, our web site building software has been featured in multiple magazines, received editors choice, and been reviewed and rated well.

We're always looking to make our web site building software even better.

What our customers have to say about us

“  Many thanks for your quick reply to my questions which you answered in full. I am utterly amazed and impressed with your Flash Intro Builder v1.0 ”
Far Sited Design Studios

“  The program is good, man. good stuff.. keep up the work. It's good to see innovation and creativity at hand here. ”

“  woohoooooo it works........thank you for all your hard work......
if you like ill send you a link to the site i build with your program.......good work guys ”
Flash4D Customer
“   We love your killer product Flash4d and we would like to recommend it to more flash users in our showcase ”
Daniel J.
Flash4D Customer

“   Nice program! And support...a 10+ for fast answering.  ”

“   Thanks so much for your help and prompt response... It is very
much appreciated and will not be forgotten.  ”
Adam W.
Flash4D Customer
“ I've looked at your flash builder product. I think it's terrific. ...thank you for all your hard work and assistance over the last few weeks. It's been a pleasure working with you.

The website we're going to use it [flash intro] on will be up and running in a few weeks and I'm 100% sure that this intro will have a huge and positive impact on it's popularity.

I can safely say that in all my years on the web I've never come across a more professional product and friendly service. ”
Guy O.
Flash4D Customer

Software News

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We're working hard on making new software updates for our customers. Stay tuned to hear what's coming soon.
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