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Enjoy Earning Money by Referring Customers
Affiliate Program
Would you like a way to earn money without having to manage your own company or provide support to customers? Sign-up in a minute for a free affiliate account today with IntroWizard and earn money for referring people to buy our software.

Our Affiliate Program Works Like:

  1. Sign-up for a free affiliate account.
  2. Get a unique url to refer people to.
  3. Earn cash when the people you refer buy our software.

How Much Do I Earn?
Earn $10 with each successful sale you refer.
If ten people you refer buy our software, you will earn $100 in total!

Sign-up for a free affiliate account today!

How to Earn Cash
Sign-up for a free account today in less than a minute, and you'll be ready to get your own personal url to refer people to and check your earnings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of sales you've made. Payments are made to you through Paypal when your account reaches a $100 balance.

How to Promote Your Unique Link
Tips and ideas for making the most of your unique url include placing your url on your website, newsletter, or even your email! If you have friends who may be interested in web design software give your unique link to them too. Spamming is not allowed though.

IntroWizard buttons, banners, and text links are provided in the Affiliate's Area for extra revenue opportunities.

We also provide tips for how to get more money promoting people to your unique url.

Ready to get started? Sign-up for a free affiliate account!

Do you have a RegNow Account?
You also can use our RegNow affiliate program to sell IntroWizard software.
Look up our vendor ID: 8699.

Looking for images to use with your affiliate link?
Login to the Affiliate Area to get the special links, images, and buttons we offer for you to use.

Check to see if an answer is available now or contact IntroWizard.
We'd also love to hear where you're promoting the software.

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