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FlaPops - Mini Flash Intro and Presentation Builder

Create short animated Flash movies for a website or miniature presentations easily with this simplified builder!

As simply as adding some of your details, customizing it a bit, and selecting a design. FlaPops is that easy!

Preview of setting extra options for a design in FlaPops. Click for a larger view.
Setting extra options for a design

About FlaPops - Easy Flash Builder

FlaPops is a step-by-step program for designing short Flash movies or presentations. It includes 14 designs which can be customized.

The included designs can be used by themselves or as a part of a web page, like an animated section displaying your message.

Create your Flash animation or Flash splash intro with FlaPops and create it quickly. Keeping the process to a simple 3 steps, you can customize, then select your design, and create your Flash splash intro.

You can also use the Flash splash intros as a movie showing three short testimonials on the side of a web page, or as square Flash advertisements. Use your imagination with what you can create with short animation items.

Screenshot of the first part of FlaPops
First Set Your Text
Screenshot of the customizing part of FlaPops
Then Customize
Screenshot of selecting a design in FlaPops
Last, Select A Design
More Screenshots...
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