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FlashWebKit software was made for Windows XP, Vista, 95, and 98.
  • 1. How do I put my website I created online? (Most Popular Question!)
    To upload your website you'll first need a website host, also known as a
    place to put your files online. If you already have this, that's great. If not, you can get hosting for free with advertising or buy it from any hosting company (and there's thousands of them from $1 a month to $25+ a month). To find a hosting company, try a google search for "hosting company" to get a list of possible companies to buy website hosting from. For free website hosting companies see: http://www.thefreesite.com/Free_Web_Space/

    After you have a website host, they can offer tutorials on how to upload
    files (a.k.a. put files on your website) and that's what you can do with either
    FileZilla or Smart FTP. Basically the process is the same in either two programs, you:

    1. Connect to your website with the login details provided using either of the programs.

    2. Select the folder on your desktop titled something like "flash_intro_folder" or "flash_website" (or any other name that has your created files in it) in the file browser in either program ( should normally be on the left side and lets you browse the files on your computer ).

    3. Locate the green --> arrow or upload button for putting the folder on your desktop. You also can alternatively drag and drop the folder after selecting it on the left side and drop it on the right side inside your website folder.

    For more details about FileZilla website uploader tool visit:

    For tutorials about SmartFTP website uploader tool visit:

    Alternatively any website hosting company you may already have or get soon
    may provide tutorials or further support for uploading. Adding files to your
    website is the core of website hosting, so your website host will be able to
    help you with more specific details that relate to their hosting.
  • 2. Where can I get all the templates in my software? I can't find over 15 of them?
    You must have FlashWebKit Ultimate or Business Editions to get all 37 website template designs. The template designs are organized into two packs, the first 15 are included with all FlashWebKit Editions.

    The second 22 can only be obtained in the FlashWebKit Business or Ultimate program which you can download from the download e-mail you received after ordering.
  • 3. Software won't work? Just giving you an error message or crashing?
    First, uninstall the IntroWizard software that you're experiencing problems with current installed. Then re-downloading the application from the IntroWizard website and installing the newly downloaded copy. Try the software again to see if it works.

    Second, you can also right click on the FlashWebKit icon from your desktop or the start menu and select Properties from the menu. Then select the Compatibility tab and set the program to run in Windows 98 or Windows XP Service Pack 2. Now try the software again to see if it works.

    Third, if you have any other computers, try installing the software on those computers.

    If that does not solve the problem, sadly a rare few computers won't run our software. Simply contact 2Checkout, our order processing company and request a refund on your software order since it does not work with your systems. Be sure to include your order number.
  • 4. The Flash I created won't show. Internet Explorer just shows an ActiveX blocked yellow bar message?
    If you're viewing your Flash website on your desktop using Internet Explorer, you'll need to click the yellow bar that mentions "ActiveX on this page was blocked" and select "Allow ActiveX on this page" to see your Flash website when viewing it from a folder your desktop.

    If you put the Flash website online, you will not have to do this. This is a security feature built into viewing ActiveX documents like Flash stored on your desktop.

  • 5. Can I use my own HTML code?
    Yes and no, since Flash is a different medium from HTML you can't add HTML code into the actual Flash site, however you can add it outside of the Flash site -- such as around it.

    We've provided a place called the Copyright or HTML code field in which you can add text or HTML code to be displayed under the site. This is great for a website visitor counter, contact us script, or anything else that involves HTML code.
  • 6. How do I link to other websites?
    Linking to other websites, other than using the Copyright or HTML code field is only possible in FlashWebKit Business or Ultimate Editions by using the Add links to other sites feature in the navigation section of FlashWebKit Business or Ultimate Editions Flash website builder software.
  • 7. How do I add images to my website?
    Adding images is easy, sizing them beforehand in a photo or image editing program is the critical part.

    You can add images using the add your own images feature in FlashWebKit but if they don't come out as good as you planned after creating the site and seeing your images, you may want to look into changing the size of the images beforehand in a photo or image editing program and then testing the adjustments in FlashWebKit.
  • 8. Can I make the Flash websites I create larger? Like fullscreen?
    With the Flash Website Builder you can make the website larger by simply clicking the "Large" button in the Builder under the size of the site area you get after customizing the text in all the pages ( See the size feature here ). Click the fullscreen button to make it full screen size.

    An advanced way of making the Flash websites created with the Flash website builder is after you create your website, simply open the created webpage in Notepad text editor that shows the Flash website and edit the width and the height of the Flash website to be 100%, which will have it span the entire size of the page, making it larger.
  • 9. Do I have to purchase hosting from you or have a website already?
    You don't need anything to use FlashWebKit website builder, just a Windows computer works great.

    Our software works with practically any website host, and we even can recommend some if you don't have one already and would like to put the website you create with our software on the net.
  • 10. Does your software work on Windows Vista or Mac OS X?
    Our software works on Windows XP, Vista, 95, and 98.

    To get our software to run on Mac OS X, you'll need to use Apple Bootcamp or Parallel desktop software.
  • 11. My website won't show after I put it online? Why won't it work?
    Every Flash website should work. This means you may not have uploaded or put all the website files online from the folder on your desktop or where you saved your Flash website. Check out the "How do I put my website I created online?" above for help with putting all the files online.

    To test everything out, try putting the entire flash website folder online, just upload or stash the entire folder and all it's contents on your website. Then try accessing that folder, your website should show then.
  • 12. How can I add an E-mail Us button to my website?
    This feature is only for FlashWebKit Business or Ultimate Editions:

    With Business or Ultimate Editions you can add a send e-mail feature to any button in your website. It will pop-up a blank browser window and then afterwards should open up your browser's default e-mail application so that you can fill out the message.

    Follow these steps to add this to your website:

    1. Select a design to edit, on the Customize Website window where it says 'Website Pages & Buttons' click the 'Use a Link' green button next to the button you would like to open an e-mail message.
    2. Type mailto:YourEmail@YourWebsite.com where it says 'Please type a website link to use:' on the window that popped up after clicking 'Use a Link.' Replace the ' YourEmail@YourWebsite.com ' with the e-mail address you would like the e-mail sent to.
    3. Then click the blue 'Set this Link' button. That's it!

    Preview the website to test the mail link. When you click the button you set to open an e-mail message an e-mail message should open up in the internet browser's default e-mail application (you may be able to change your own default e-mail application in your browser's settings).

    Want to do more?
    Instead of just typing mailto:YourEmail@YourWebsite.com you can specify the message title and also pre-fill the body with this example code:
    mailto:YourEmail@YourWebsite.com?subject=Some Neat E-mail Subject&body=Some Neat pre-filled message for the body of the e-mail
  • 13. I have another question about FlashWebKit?
    Please complete the following form to contact IntroWizard Software Support.

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