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With Flash Intro Builder you can create your own professional looking website intro in minutes, literally!

Flash4D v5.0 is like 3 intro builder software programs all in 1. Featuring 3 different easy, medium, and advanced intro builder programs with 115 intro template designs in total!

115 templates

Over 150 intros to choose from -- one for every occassion

Easy-to-use, finish your first intro in a few simple minutes!

Select and change intro designs easily: just click and type

You can easily make an nice website intro in 3 minutes. Plus with Flash4D, you can sell any intro you make for $$$ !

Easily change designs

Click. Type. Done.

Amazing your visitors has never been so easy. With Flash4D you can create stunning Flash intros, like those from big websites such as Nike or CocaCola, in a couple of minutes.

You just need to open Flash4D, select your favorite template, add your images and text and ready to go! Our software will take care of everything!

Select and change intro designs easily

Lots of features

Features galore!

Just because our Flash builder software is easy to use doesn't mean it isn't powerful. You will be amazed of all the options: from intro preloaders, to url redirections or welcome messages.

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